Internet Neutrality, Vinton Gray Cerf

It has been a while since the last post, I know.  Thanks for understanding.

For starters, here you are a short talk (about 15 min) about Internet neutrality and how Vinton Gray Cerf see the future of the network. This is part of the conference Vinton gave in Spain last May.

Internet neutrality video.

Via Reflexiones e irreflexiones.


Incredible Robot 4×4

Via ALT1040

One malware to rule them all…

“…because I know how easy it is to create malware to bypass them all.”

Joanna Rutkowska talking about commercial security solutions.

Hacking Barcodes in the 24c3

I have fond an interesting video, specially for german people about barcodes, it is from The 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24c3) and I think it is worthy to see it.

Hope you like it.

 Found via Hack-a-day

ClubHack 2007 Presentations

Reading today some feeds I found the Clubhack 2007 presentation online.

I have taken a quick look to this and there are some interesting topics as:

Vulnerabilities in VoIP Products and Services.

Hacking Web 2.0 Art and Science of Vulnerability Detection.

Backdoor 2.0: Hacking one’s Firefox to steal his web secrets.

Analysis of Adversarial Code: The Role of Malware Kits!

Subtle Security flaws: Why you must follow the basic principles of software security.

and much more.

You can find it here. Also you can find some photographs of the event here.

Confucius said…

Find a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life

Back in business

Fisrt of all I want to apologize for this weeks without any update but I was a little busy. I am back and from now on I will continue with the regular updates.

 Thank you.