Are you thinking in sharing your wifi?

Please before doing it please be aware of the risks you are taking.

 There is a very good article about it.

 A simple risk analysis

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More tools

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Honeypots vs “Sugarcanes”

As all of you know I am not talking about the diferent types of breakfast cereals, I only want to say for those who are interested in Honeypots or Sugarcanes (I think a Sugarcane is also a Honeypot with slightly diferences). I don’t like to use the Sugarcane word, I know when you are talking about open proxies masquerades you can use that but for me sometimes you loose more time explaining to the people what is a sugarcane than explaining the main concept based in a Honeypot.

Well, lets go into the point, a new Honeypot tool has been released, I have heard very good comments about it, to be honest I didn’t test it but most of the articles I have read are giving good review of this tool. 

Honeymole 2.0

As IT-Observer says:

 “The main goal of HoneyMole is to act as a completely Transparent Ethernet Bridge over TCP/IP, tunneling in a safe and easy way, network traffic to a remote location without the need of any kernel patches or modules, or even the need to hide routing in the honeypots.

It can be used to easily deploy honeypot farms of distributed honeypots, transporting network traffic to a central honeypot architecture where data collection and analysis will be done. It can also be used as a very simple and efficient VPN (Virtual Private Network) for any other purposes.”

TOP 10 Security Tools

Let’s get started with this list, I am sure that there will be people in disagreement with this top10 but as far as I know, only little changes can be made in the order of the list, on the other hand any comments will be welcome.

Here you are the list:

1.- Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.

2.- Ethereal A.K.A Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer.

3.- Snort Intrusion detection System.

4.- Netcat Network analyzer tool (TCP – UDP).

5.- Metasploit Framework If you want to test or play with exploits, this is your tool.

6.- HPing2 The Ping’s big brother.

7.- Kismet Wireless sniffer.

8.- Tcpdump Network sniffer.

9.- Cain & Abel Password recovery tool.

10.- John the Ripper Password/hash cracker.


If you want more information about the top 100 Security tools list with all this stuff and much more you have to visit:


This is the first post of many to come (I hope) and I feel like I have to explain a little bit about the purpouse of this blog and why I have chosen this name. Well, my intention of creating this blog is to give my point of view  about “e-security”, how people can get much better security levels and discuss articles and security news as well. From my perspective I think this blog will be a good contribution to the Blogsphere.

About the Blog’s name,  it comes from an Edgar Allan Poe’s tale with the same title, for the people who are still asking why Edgar Allan Poe and why The Gold Bug, I should say that this writer was a Cryptography fan and he demonstrates it in many ways, The Gold Bug was one of them. So the title is honoured to Sir Edgar Allan Poe.

 I leave a link to download the short tale for whoever wants to read it.