TIP&TRICK Motorola

Today I will explain a little trick found in Motorola’s phones, at least in a few V series.

There are some people that use the blocking code that comes as a configuration option in Motorola’s phones, what is that for? is not a PIN, it is only to protect the photos, messages stored in the mobile to be seen by “others” who can access to your phone (Physically, maybe your girlfriend or some friends?, or strangers if you lost it), ok, an example: You dont want your girlfriend snooping your sms, right, then you set this code for your sms. Lets suppouse you forgot your “blocking code”, well, try this, try to access to your sms menu, the phone ask you to enter the security code, the only thing you have to do is press the menu key and you will prompted to enter another code “security code” which by default in Motorola is 0000 (Zero, zero,zero, zero) and that’s it you have access!!.  Of course you can avoid this kind of override changing your security code.

 Make it simple.