Good girls go to heaven, Spammers go to ROSKO

Well, of course you know that actually all the different spam is organized and “centralized” in a few locations, addresses, nicks or websites, almost the 80% of the spam can be resumed in no more than 200 Aliases or webs as I told before. That’s is what ROSKO does.

In the ROSKO FAQ you can find what ROSKO is:

The Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) is a register of spam senders and spam services that have been thrown off Internet Service Providers 3 times or more in connection with spamming or providing spam services, and are therefore repeat offenders. Spamhaus believes that these known determined professional spam operations are responsible for approximately 80% of spam on the Internet.

The ROKSO database collates information and evidence on each gang to assist ISP Abuse Desks and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The existence of these known professional spammers, the aliases they use to obtain ISP accounts, their methods and history is vital need-to-know information for the protection of the ISP industry.

So here you are the list of the 200 most famous spammers! (Updated)