Real time traffic on the Internet

I found this link from Akamai, pretty interesting, is in real time. I have seen it linked in few places to show an idea of the latency.

The Internet in Real Time


Google Data Center Tour

Hello again,

I have seen this video around and I think is quite impresive. I know there are many more but I consider this one, one of my favorites.

Here you are the link for a Google Data Center.

Wireshark solving problems

For those who  made of  Wireshark an essential work tool, like me,  maybe it could be interesting to know that a new version (1.0.7)  has been released.

The new version fixes some vulnerabilities and some bugs, click here for more detail about it.

It can be downloaded from the Official website.

Black Hat webinars

Searching in the Distribution Lists I found some interesting links to the Japan Black Hat webinars.

There are some documents from people that sound quite much this year as Dan kaminsky (DNS issue that affected the whole protocol).

Here you are the link:

Enjoy it!

Sun images in a video mix

Reading Microsiervos I have found an interesting video made with different images of the sun. It is worth to see.

Solar video

Hope you enjoy it.

Mac security

Well this time is the turn of Apple, not only Microsoft has vulnerabilities. To get your Mac hardened I will recommend to read this document:

Hardening Leopard


Internet Neutrality, Vinton Gray Cerf

It has been a while since the last post, I know.  Thanks for understanding.

For starters, here you are a short talk (about 15 min) about Internet neutrality and how Vinton Gray Cerf see the future of the network. This is part of the conference Vinton gave in Spain last May.

Internet neutrality video.

Via Reflexiones e irreflexiones.