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Please before doing it please be aware of the risks you are taking.

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Microsoft Benefits

Now I know how they did so much money!

 “Excel 2007 loses its grip with arithmetic that involves the number 65,535 … perhaps the simplest of which is the calculation ( 850 X 77.1 ), which should produce 65,535 but instead returns 100,000.

There’s all sorts of speculation as to how this bug occurred, postulating floating-point and rounding errors and the like, but it seems much more likely that some Excel developer simply punted at some point and the Vole’s stringent quality control (cough) never caught it.

Some might recall that mathematical errors have been discovered in Excel periodically in various releases going back at least as far as Excel 5. Microsoft people appear to have been involved in the discussion and confirmed the bug.

Source: Computerworld

Streisand effect

A big round of applause for The Pirate Bay and the MediaDefender Defenders, to be honest I am not a great fan of things like this but when I read the article about TPB company and Media Defender tactics to “Defend” the free world from the P2P Hacking Piracy, the Guardians of the “right things” and the legal way of doing and morality… etc.

 These Guardian Angels were paid by companies as the listed below to commit infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming fight against P2P piracy.

And who was behind? (Of course they “don’t know” how Media Defender was acting):

Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden AB
Emi Music Sweden AB
Universal Music Group Sweden AB
Universal Pictures Nordic AB
Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB
Atari Nordic AB
Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (UK) Ltd
Ubisoft Sweden AB
Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Sweden) AB
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB


And the best part comes when the MediaDefender Defenders leaked about 6,000 internal mails of the company in which that guys reveal that the company was using tools like BTSeedInflator and BTDecoyClient that target the BitTorrent network and many other strategies to attack bittorrent networks. After this, Media Defender try to keep the true in the dark but then… it comes the topic of this acticle “The Streisand effect” and all the shit comes into the MEDIA (Ironic, isn’t it?)

“iPods, What You Don’t Secure Could Hurt You”

I read before about this kind of “in-security”, and many test about physical security but I found this article and I thought maybe someone interested in this kind of security should know, the whitepaper only shows in paper what most of us know yet.

 For me there are some facts about users in IT World:

 – They always lie about what they have done with the system. (No matters the role of the user in the company)

– They will use all the un-safe stuff they can if you let them (USB drives, Floppys, will open any executable file they find, etc…)

– If any program GUI asks for a NUMBER they will type any other character and viceversa. 

– If you touch their computer any other electric/electronic stuff that fails all around will be your fault.

and so on…

Here you are the white paper I have told you.

“iPods, What You Don’t Secure Could Hurt You”

Source: Astalavista Security Group and CREDANT